Often have to quit app to refresh videos that show in app

So, I have been dealing with this issue for over a year now (not all the time like like 50%) I will pull up the app (iPhone or iPad, does not matter which) and I know there was motion in front of my door (heard delivery or even walked out the door myself) but the app may not show it in it’s history, if I then force quit the app and open it again it refreshes correctly and shows the motion.

What I have tried (multiple times each)
Hard resetting the device (iPhone or iPad), updating OS, updating Ring app.
This seems to do nothing.

I have a very good mesh wifi that extends a good 60’ all around outside my house (so nothing is at poor connection) and my wifi is 400mbs down and 25up (so I am saying I have fantastic internet connection. Besides the video is being recorded to Ring servers it’s just the app does not always refresh to show the latest ones on the server.

I have used the automated support and it just talks about bad wifi and slow speeds (not an issue here).

I have 2 Ring devices (ring doorbell and ring floodlight) and both will do this but the doorbell area gets more traffic so it’s the one that has the issue most.

It’s really frustrating as I cannot just pull up the app and check to see if someone has been here and trust the app unless I force quit it and open again.

Oh, and we get almost no false triggers since our front door is several hundred feet from the road and behind another building, basically someone is very much on my property if the camera is triggered (except for the occasional moths at night that are attracted to the IR lights).

Hi @TerryM. Whenever someone rings the Doorbell or motion is detected, your Ring Doorbell or Camera has to finish record the event If you’re opening the Ring app immediately after you hear someone at the door but you haven’t before you will see it in the Event History. If you’re checking the Event History immediately after you walk out the door or hear someone at the door, your device is likely still recording the event to log it in the Event History. You can also pull down on the Event History to refresh it within the Ring app.

Thanks but this is not the issue. As an example today I opened the app and no recordings show up for today, so I quit the app and re loaded and there were 6 events over the span of 5 hours.

Just tried to pull down on event history to reload as you suggested (I know some apps do this) but mine would not “pull down” and did not refresh. I am on IOS if that matters but there does not seem to be a refresh, that would make it much easier.

@TerryM I am also on iOS and pulling down on the Event History does allow me to refresh it. We have some tips on maintaining Ring app compatibility with your mobile device here that may help, in case something needs to be updated. If this concern persists, please follow up with our support team at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.