Offline - won’t reset, has red lights on

The doorbell is not working for 1 day now, it shows OFFLINE, I didn’t reset my wifi, and when trying to reset, there is no white circular light on the ringer. Nothing happens. Interestingly the doorbell has 3 red lights that are on and the device is hot, so there is power going through. I did restart the modem and still nothing. Did anyone ever encounter this? Performed other health checks and everything is fine.

Hi @Nadya. Which Video Doorbell model do you have? There might be additional steps I can suggest depending on the model. You can find the model on the box it came in or in the Device Health for the Video Doorbell. If you are looking at the Device Health of the Video Doorbell, you’ll find the model of your device in the Product Name section. Also, when you complete a reset, you want to make sure you are pressing the setup button for a full 20–25 seconds to see if the Video Doorbell spins white, signifying it is in setup mode.