Offline video recording


I found that - If I lose wireless internet connection, Ring Doorbell will not be able to send audio and video data to your smartphones and tablets. It’s okay, does it record video offline without wifi that I can view when I need? Because I think wifi is not required for video recording.

Hey @Rahimli. For our devices, they will only function and operate when they have a stable wifi connection. Without a wifi connection, the device will report as offline and will be unable to record and store video at this time! Since our devices are wifi enabled device, they need this as a requirement to function in full.


I’ve just purchased and made setup for new Ring Doorbell 1st gen with following details:

Please see following issues I have and assist in solving them:

Live view - activating device;
Motion sensor - loading, video is not available, can’t connect by voice when I click green phone button;
When I click Ring doorbell button - loading, video is not available, can’t connect by voice when I click green phone button.

Only History videos can be viewed.

Please consider that I made correct setup, but only history videos are available.

Thanks and regards.

@Rahimli What is the RSSI for your devices? You can learn more about RSSI and how it can affect your Live View here.

It is RSSI-52.

@Rahimli What are your upload and download speeds like? You can test your connection by going to and trying the speed test that way! Let me know what your results are. In addition, for troubleshooting, you can try pressing and holding the setup button on the Doorbell for about 20 seconds, and then walking through a reconnection by clicking on Change Wifi Network from the Device Health page and walking through another setup. Let me know if you can view the Live View from there, and that that is working for you.

My download speed is 10 mb/s, upload speed is 20 mb/s.
I did that troubleshooting before by calling your customer support. It didn’t help.

@Rahimli Did you bring up this concern with our support team when you were on the phone with them yesterday? What did they have you do? Since you are still having this concern, it is best to follow up with our support team on the matter, as you should have an open case with them on this concern then. Let me know what resolution you are able to come to with our support team!