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Is there a way for the app or Ring to notify me if a device goes offline for too long. Unless im constantly monitoring the device, I won’t know if it goes offline at all. I found a device this morning that had been offline for the last few days, but with no notification, i wouldn’t know unless im in the app checking each day.


Hey @NicR! At this time there is not a notification for a device going offline, other than for the Alarm system which will notify of cellular back up or battery back up. We recommend checking your Device Health when you can to ensure the device is not only online, but operating optimally. In the meantime, I’ll happily share this feature request with the team.

If connection concerns come up often, the best thing to check is your device’s RSSI, as well as limiting distance and interference between your router and Ring device. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Definitely an important missing feature. Occasionally for whatever reason a Ring device goes offline. The Ring App should provide a notification alert for this condition. My ring chimes sometimes go offline and I may not notice until I realise someone has rung the doorbell but no one has answered. This would seem like any easy feature to deliver in the App maybe rather than generating an email.
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Agree - I’m looking for the same capability. I have 3 stick up cam battery devices. 2 gave me warnings when the battery was low, 1 didn’t. Was offline for a few days as a result. Kind of defeats the purpose. Shouldn’t have to babysit this stuff. That’s the benefit of technology is that you can easily program notifications around things of this nature so that we can live our lives and trust that your devices are working properly. Fairly simple notification would go a long way.



This is an extremely important missed feature that is offered by competitors, including Nest. I would not have made this purchase had I known of this. I am using free version of PRTG to notify my if the devices stop responding to a ping request. If offline for 5 mins or longer, I get an email alert. Get your act together Ring/Amazon! This is the link


I’m gonna add myself to the list of people who think this is a serious missing feature, which shouldn’t be difficult to add to the app. Apparently my doorbell has been offline since the power went out 4 days ago and I had no idea because I don’t just randomly look at the app for my doorbell. Please don’t suggest your users need to do so when a push notification of a lost connection would be a simple fix – and one I’ve seen in a google search has been asked for the last several years.

P.S. Having to stand out in the rain to unscrew the security screws to take the doorbell off the wall to reconnect it to the wifi is also a hassle. But the notification is the priority here.


New ring owner. This might warrant a return. This is absolutely an essential feature. Should be a push notification from the app. The doorbell is worthless without. Completely disappointed with my purchase.


This is labeled as problem solved and it does nothing to address the issue. This is a major flaw in the ring system and needs to be fixed ASAP.


This feature needs to be added ASAP. It’s ridiculous that it’ll push constant notifications for cars driving by outside the outlined range, but not when a device suddenly goes missing? Mine was off for over a week but because it’s hardwired it was still ringing the chime, everything seemed normal. My neighbor comes over to see if my camera caught a hit and run on their vehicle, nope, POS has been offline for over a week.

This is worse than Alexa allowing lights to be room-aware, but any other type of device can’t? With all these smart devices you’d think they would have thought to add some common sense. This feature would take an intern about 4 hours to implement, get it done.

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Extremely important feature that is needed ASAP.

When is the coming Ring people? Can’t believe that this is still not being done. This is ABC of security devices. I agree with previous post, would have not bought if I had known. The other day all of my cameras went offline because of a wifi error. Only discover 2 days later. If you cannot fix this or have no intention of marking this a priority please let us know and I won’t waste my time or money on this anymore. Unacceptable for a “security device”.

This is ridiculous! have been living with occasional wifi drops and not getting notified for me to fix it. Miss this for days and figure out randomly when the doorbell does not ring. When will Ring fix this basic feature!??

This is reaching the 2 year mark pretty soon. Is this not being looked at from Ring product perspective? I’m in the software development and implementation of this should really be a trivial scheduled-background job by the last connection time stamp. You already have all the pieces together. It’s just a small feature to implement.