Offline after changing doorbell battery

Every time the door bell battery is changed the camera goes offline. As my husband is the primary account handler only he can reset.
My questions are:
Can I have the same access as him on the account?

Why does the camera go offline and then need setting up from the beginning after changing battery

Yes, You can have same access. Go Here.

It should re-connect to wi/fi in a few minutes without setting up from beginning. If it doesn’t you could go into Device History and try to reset wi/fi connection from there without stating over.

Hi @Mrs999Hulk. Only one Ring account can be set as the owner of a Ring device and have the ability to set a device up or reconnect it to wifi. You are likely added as a Shared User so you can see the Doorbell in your Ring App, but you won’t be able to adjust the settings such as the wifi settings. There is no way to have two different Ring accounts be the owners of the same Ring device. The Doorbell should automatically reconnect after a charged battery is inserted, but sometimes it may need to be walked through the setup process again if it doesn’t automatically reconnect.