Nvidia Shield TV Ring App

I would like to view my ring Spotlight cameras on my Nvidia Shield TV. There is no ring app available for this. Why is that as I have a Android Tablet with the Ring app working on it. Will there be a app soon or is there one that I am missing?

You could try to side load it onto the shield. I haven’t tried it myself yet. But it’s a good idea.

Helo @Eagle328


I did that and it only shows in portrait mode. Cant fiqure out how to change it to landscape.

Oh great. You are more advanced than most then. I just tried it. It was a bit to do. It seems if you want to see cam and or doorbell views, you’d need to click the tile and then click the small square in the bottom right side to go full screen.
I also installed Rapid Ring. This works much better. Just click the cam and it goes straight to full screen mode.
I don’t seem to be able yet to get notifications on it. But I can now use rapid ring to view cams fast on my TV with shield. Hope this helps! Thanks for the idea!

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Did you have to side load tge Rapid Ring app or was it available in the play store?

I think I had to side load both.

Ok, thanks, I’ll give that a try.

Great! As I stated in a prior post. Rotation control app is needed to view in horizontal. But Rapid Ring does it by itself.

Ty Ty! I’m going to try right now, so is the rapid ring in Apple app? Thanks so much for the information !

I’m sorry I’m trying to see this ring” on my tv and it put me here….

I’m sorry for any confusion :woman_facepalming:t3:!!!

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