Numerous issues

We have just bought a Ring doorbell 3 after lots of reading and searching online, we decided on this one, and its completely useless

Its been up 2 days and lost wifi connection 3 times already despite being 2m from the router, it doesnt seem to detect any motion at all, we can come and go from the house and nothing is picked up, no matter what settings we have on or off, and live view very rarely works, 95% of the time it doesnt, despite signal strength being good

Have I received a faulty one ? Or are they always this problematic and we should return and get a different brand asap ?

What RSSI are you getting?

I can’t tell you, as its gone offline AGAIN

Last reported signal strength is 55

2 people at work have bought Ring doorbells too, both working flawless with higher RSSI than ours

I am pretty sure ours is faulty

Spoke to Ring customer services last night who were great, they agreed its faulty so are sending a replacement out.

Hopefully all sorted

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