Number keys no longer light after firmware update (gen-1 keypad)

Last week I noticed our hardwired 1st gen alarm keypad was behaving differently, with the usual lights on it not being present. This has led to us not noticing the alarm, opening the door and setting off the alarm.

Customer service let me know about that firmware update with the green charge LED no longer showing when charged and the new flashing mode light (ours flashes every 5 seconds). But it seems another change affecting the number-key lights was made.

I can’t recall if the number-key lights used to be on all the time during the day, or only when motion/presence was detected at the keypad. But now, they’re never on during the day.

The customer support agent I talked with was sympathetic, but wasn’t able to escalate this and gave no hope of this reduced functionality being restored. She did indicate the gen 2 to keypad still display number-key lights during the day.

If it’s true the gen 2 keypad still has this functionality… hmm. I don’t want to conclude Ring is removing features to force upgrade revenue. But I can’t say that’s not what’s going on here.

Can anyone from Ring respond about this before I or anyone else starts sharpening our pitchforks?

I think the firmware killed my Gen 1 keypad. I needed to charge the battery and it has not been working correctly since. The last full charge lasted only hours.