Now to disable nightvision permanently?

I’ve just bought Ring Doorbell 2 and I hate it so much.

I set my doorbell into the corridor with a normal constant artificial light.

But your Doorbell 2 is always in black-and-white night-mode!

The picture quality is terrible. I hate this.

The amount of light in my corridor in comfort and sufficient to have normal-looking color photos from my phone. But your doorbell is ALWAYS in night-mode.

My doorbell is on batteries and I have no options to enable “color night-mode”.

I hate the black and white picture quality and I want to have an option to permanently disable it to have always color image!

Hey @ivlorak. I’m sorry you’ve been having this experience as this is not the experience we want our neighbors to have. Could you try shining a flash light into the camera for a few seconds, while in a Live View? After this time, see if the camera’s view go back to a clear and normal picture! For the color night vision, this is a feature that we have exclusive to our hardwired devices at this time, as it can drain a battery operated device too fast and some of the devices do not have the hardware compatibility for it. I will make sure to pass on your feedback and desire for wanting to disable night vision overall, but please let me know how the troubleshooting step I recommended goes!