Now Ring History Showing Random "Live Views....." recorded

Have 3 cameras, two are cordless on solar. All of a sudden one was recording random Live Views…As if someone hacked into the system. No rhyme or reason, no recent changes to set up. I changed the password. Next day the other cordless camera started doing it…? Not as many events but doing it just the same…What’s going on ? And while cameras are linked, the Live VIews are not at the same times. The hour and minutes are not close as it does with 'Linked Events".

Hi @JustinObserver. Do you have an Amazon Alexa or Echo connected to these cams? Are you the only user or do you have any Shared Users? You can manage this in the Control Center of your Ring app. If you have other cameras detecting motion, it can certainly be a Linked Event that is causing the Live View.