I understand the desire for Ring to sell subscriptions. However the alarm is relatively expensive compared to other options so one would think Ring should offer adequate functionality whether the owner chooses to use monitoring services or not. The single push notification to a phone while the alarm is breached is hardly sufficient in the middle of the night. Frankly I feel duped by Ring but not having the system offer more alerting functionality. Either through Cell backup, launching Android’s built in alarm or at the very least launch notifications every few seconds while the alarm is breached.

Hi @Paulk! While our Protect Plus plan does offer great features with professional monitoring, many options are available for alerts whether professionally monitored or self monitored. In the Ring app you can enable push and email notifications for various events, as well as for triggered events on your Sensors, whether armed or disarmed. You can also choose between Chirp Tones for a motion or open door. These tones will play out of both the Base Station and Keypad, same as the Siren.

Your mobile device will also be notified if the motion alert toggles are on for each Alarm Sensor. Check out our newest feature to get emergency alerts in do not disturb mode. We are always working to improve and add to our features and devices, and our neighbors are always adding to their “Ring of security”. Feel free to add any feature requests in our Feature Request Board, or check around the Community for any advice from other neighbors! :slight_smile:

Thank you for the comment but you totally missed the point and failed to answer the quiestion. I am well aware of how the product works and what it’s capability is. What I am telling you is that Ring’s notification system for self monitoring is useless in it’s current form and one should not consider buying it unless they are willing to shell out the monthly fees to have it monitored. One can’t possibly think that a single phone “push” or an email is sufficient to alert someone of an inytruder alarm.