Anyone know why my phone isn’t notifying me when someone presses the doorbell whilst I’m out?

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No, but I’m having exactly the same problem, only had it 3 weeks, not that impressed with it tbh

Hi neighbors! As long as your Video Doorbell is online, and the “ring alerts” toggle is enabled in the Ring app, you should receive alerts to your mobile device. Try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device to ensure it is up to date and optimally integrated with your phone. Its always good to check event history as well, if subscribed, to see if this ring or motion event was recorded. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Do you mean ‘ring notification’ toggle? I can’t find “ring alerts” anywhere

Good question, @Sarahhull89! While there are notification preferences in the Ring app, I’m referring to the alerts toggles found on the device page in the app. Our help center article contains an image example of these toggles and where to find them in the Ring app.

I have had my ring doorbell fit just two days. Not overly impressed with connectivity but more annoyed that it records motion but doesn’t notify my phone. It does when doorbell is pressed but I have videos that I wouldn’t know about if I never checked the app. I have android, in app settings all notification setting are blue and on. BTW I have a Huawei P30.

Hi @JohnnyFP! As you are using Android, check out our help center article listing Android apps that might conflict with the Ring app. Check the alert toggles in the Ring app mentioned prior in this thread should help, but it’s also worth checking any Android notification preferences. Please also ensure vpn is not enabled. As your motion events are recording, this narrows down to notification factors. As you mentioned checking all toggles, please also check for any motion scheduling that might be enabled in your motion settings.

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I deleted the app, restarted the phone and reinstalled the app. Works at the moment (apart from the Disarm function doesn’t work, it seems to be permanently on), it just seems a little wrong I would need to do this after just two days. Having said that, as it is a new toy, I messed about with the settings a lot. ?

My wife left the house came back half hour late and I received no notification. I then went out and pressed the door bell and once again no notification. It also made a sound if I changed mode but now that has stopped.

Same here in Hungary. (Doorbell 2)

No alerts (when I push doorbell), No motion and no Chime (chime pro).

Same in Germany - no notifications from the app or Amazon echo devices

My doorbell has stopped sending notifications to my phone and my wife and daughters. It doesn’t even notify when the doorbell has been pressed.

Everyone. Check the Ring status first. They are having issues today. Always check it first.
You can see it here.

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So everything up and running except today I have four recordings and not one notification. A parcel delivery driver came to my door and I wouldn’t have known if I wasn’t looking out of the window. I am beginning to have second thoughts on this doorbell.

Tbh, I don’t think it’s all its cracked up to be, I get slow or missed notifications all the time, I’ve only had it in for 3 weeks, should have got cctv instead, waste of money unless you’ve got super duper faster than fast broadband

It isn’t the speed of the broadband, it is the lack of notifications. This is the whole point of the bell.

It isn’t the speed of the broadband, it is the lack of notifications. This is the whole point of the bell. The actual camera is very good.

If you haven’t got a strong WiFi signal at the bell you will have slow or missed notifications, do a test at the bell push

The WiFi is strong and the ring bell usually works, motion is recorded but I am not being notified