Notifications without alerts

This may sound odd but would there be a way to setup a Ring Security System so that I could receive a notification that a door has been opened WITHOUT it sounding an alarm?

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You can enable chimes for the disarmed mode and then configure each sensor you want to make sound to one of three chime sounds. This would sound from the base.

Also, you can turn on alerts at the top of each devices’ page in the app, and this will alert just your phone.

But note that both of these types of alerts are informational, and don’t alert the monitoring center, so there’s no police response if you’re subscribed to professional monitoring. So it’s more for you want to know if a child opens their bedroom door or if you want to monitor your bedroom closet door, for example.

Additionally if you have Amazon Echo devices, you can use routines to have the Echo devices alert for any of the same scenarios.

There are quite a few ways to be alerted without triggering a full alarm.


Thank you so much for that info

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You’re welcome. Glad to help.

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