Notifications when power lost or cut and WiFi lost

Does anyone know if there is a way to set up notifications that my phone will inform me when power is lost to a device and/or WiFi has been lost.
Intruders/ thief’s have cut cables to our property and tripped the power so no footage was recorded. If the app notified me when power was lost I could have inspected there and then?

Although it is not a push notification, the Ring app will let you know if a device is offline when actively viewing it in the Ring app. If you have Ring Alarm, you can setup Alarm Alerts to send notifications for various Alarm related things, such as power and connection, however, this cannot be done with other Ring devices (Cameras/ Video Doorbells). While it is not related to complete power loss, there are low battery notifications for battery-powered Cameras.

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Doesn’t the powered spotlight have a battery backup in it?