Notifications way TOO SLOW!

ring doorbell notifications are too slow! People left before I get notification! Doorbell 3 hardwired


Most of the time my doorbell alerts come through straight away on my mobile but occasionally I too have the same problem, funnily enough I saw this on the Ring desktop pc app hardwired with ethernet when I had my old Ring doorbell.

The doorbell will press, the chime plug ins will ring instantly but my phone won’t receive an alert for maybe 20 seconds which is pointless as they have left after the live stream is initialised.

Home broadband connection is fine 200Mbps down 20Mbps up, both devices have good wifi with the Doorbell Pro 2 connected on the third band 5ghz channel 112 and my mobile either on second band 5ghz channel 36 or third band 5ghz channel 112.

It happens out and about but I put this down to patchy signal as the 4G LTE signal here is a little hit and miss and is often slower than old ADSL connections due to lack of mobile masts.

I am hoping its just a Ring back-haul issue.

@Joc1 Although you have it wired in the Doorbell 3 is still a battery operated device. The hard wired part just charges the battery. You will find in general that the fully mains powered devices like the wired doorbell or the Pro/Pro2/Elite are much faster. The way they detect motion is a bit different and also there is no “wake up” period like the battery devices.

I have the gen 2 2020 battery, not hardwired at all and my notifications are about 1-2 seconds. Notifications in the context he had described are network dependent. If @Joc1 was saying it only records once people are walking away, then that’s a different issue.

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@Joc1 Does LiveView work consistently and also what is the RSSI at the doorbell?