Notifications Unavailable

My ring and motion notifications suddenly stopped working last evening. Instead they were replaced with vibrations only. I am able to choose the type of vibration from the list, but no matter what ring or motion notification I choose, when triggered only the vibration occurs.
I have cleared the cache and have disabled and re-enabled my video cameras, but neither action has helped.
Interesting however, the ring and motion notifications on my wife’s phone for which ring is shared with mine, work just fine. Both phones are Huawei P30.
Home and Away modes also work fine but all video notifications are still only vibrations. Not very useful for wake up calls on Home mode.
I need some help here please.

Problem resolved itself. After 2 days of nothing but vibration the audible notifications resolved itself after cache clearing this morning.
BTS out of me.


Did you try having a timout? if the app can’t connect to the server for some time, not only the connection attempt nearly always terminates, but it also raises a timeout exception on most of the programming languages I use. try to check timeout specifications on the object you use to communicate via http, you’re probabely able to implement them. if you can’t connect to the server in order to receive the http message simply tell the user “server unavailable” or something like that.