Notifications To Phone

I have recently just bought the Ring 2nd Gen doorbell and chime for my 90 Yr old parents, to give them and myself piece of mind for their security.

However, upon setting the system up, we are finding that when there is a notification for movement picked up by the doorbell, that the notification doesn’t stay on their respective phones long enough for them to access the notification.

Does anyone know if the duration of the notification that appears at the top of their mobiles can be extended or made longer, to give them a chance to see what the notification actually is?

As I said, they are in their 90’s and can’t open their respective phones and get access to the notifications very quickly?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


Hi @PhotoBill. This will depend on the type of phone they have the Ring app installed on. For example, I have an iPhone 12 and when I receive a notification, it will remain on my lock screen until I dismiss the notification or newer notifications from other apps come in. Depending on the phone you are using, you may need to adjust some settings.