Notifications to my phone

I’ve just installed the Ring 2nd Gen Security system, comprising a number of motion and door sensors in the house.

This is what I expected and wanted to happen. When I’ve left the house and armed the system, to receive a notification on my phone that a door has been opened or motion detected inside the house, in other words, someone has broken in to my house - very simple!

When I’m at home with the system in its normal disarmed state, obviously I don’t want any notifications of anything (motion, doors opening). I’ve assumed that this would be the case, but it seems I’m wrong - I DO get all these notifications!

This seems very odd. There must be a simple setting to stop it - could someone help me find it please?

Hi @user49752. To disable the Open and Close Alerts for the Contact Sensors, go to the settings for each one and toggle off Open and Close Alerts. This applies to the Motion Detectors as well, except you will see it say Motion Alerts. Toggling these off will not effect your alerts for these Sensors when your Alarm is armed and a Sensor trips the Alarm.

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