Notifications Stopped

After months of getting regular notifications (sound, badges, lock screen, Notification center) from an indoor, a spotlight cam and a doorbell cam, around the 1st of Dec, I noticed I wasn’t getting as many notifications on my phone. As of yesterday, I’m getting zero notifications.

I did not changed ANY settings before this happened. I’ve gone thru every trouble shooting page I can find. Shut the phone down and turned it back on. Turned every notification on and off again. Every device is online and in good health. My account is valid and up to date.

App vs 5.46.0
iOS 15.1

BTW, my husband is getting every single notification on his phone. Same phone. Same iOS.

The cameras all record - but that does me no good if I don’t get notifications. :rage:

Any suggestions?

Hi @YeahThat. If you haven’t already, try the troubleshooting steps in our Help Center Article here, which are focused on resolving notification concerns with iOS devices specifically. You’ll also want to make sure the Do Not Disturb feature for your iPhone isn’t on, as this would prevent any notifications from coming through.