Notifications stopped working


Hello folks. I’m new on the forum, but been using the ring products for a couple of years.

Any advice? Pixel 4a 5G and all was working fine, but last day or so the app has stopped sending notifications from doorbell cameras and alarm. No movement notifications, doorbell rings or alarm arm/disarm notifications (I assume same applies to alarm sounding but have not tested).

App is up to date - no updates available on Google Play.

I’ve cleared cache and data and signed in again.

I’ve checked settings (including turning off notifications and back on) in the app.

I’ve checked the android app notification settings (ie the Ring app is still permitted to send notifications by android).

Phone has been turned off and on.

Phone is not in do not disturb (and doorbell rings override it anyway).

And it still notifies on the wife’s phone.

Anyone got any suggestions?

I did try phoning tech support, but had to drop off the call after waiting for quite a while. I’ll try again tomorrow but thought it was worth asking on here, first.


Applied most recent update for Android? Just a shot in the dark.
I too have the 4a 5G and have no issues. Yesterday did update my phone with the latest patches. That might help.

Yeah - all up to date.

Although - since I posted, I’ve rebooted the phone again and it now seems to be working!

Thanks for the suggestion anyway.


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Hi @perkint. Sometimes this happens when your notifications are full. You can usually swipe down from the top of the screen and clear the notifications. I hope this helps!