Notifications on samsung phone

Hi all.
I’m having a persistent issue with my phone whereby I will receive all the notifications for about an hour (or until my notification box is full?) And then I don’t receive any. If I pull down from the top of the screen and clear all the notifications I then start to receive them again. I have to do this every hour in order to keep updated with any movements etc and its quite frankly very annoying. I have 2 samsung phones and it happens to both of them. IPhone is OK.

Any help please?

Hi @Dansage. It sounds like it may be a setting specific to your Samsung phones that you would need to adjust. It seems like it is a notification setting that is forcing you to clear out old notifications before you can receive new ones. If you’re not sure where to find this setting, your cell phone carrier may be able to help you look more closely into it. :slight_smile:

Not sure if this will help , but worth looking.

I have a Galaxy A21s… If I go to , Settings // Notifications // status Bar // … Theres an option to set All notifications or 3 most recent ` .

Might be worth checking what option is set on yours.

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