Notifications on android

hi all
I’ve recently changed from iPhone to Samsung and have been getting increasingly frustrated with lack of motion notifications from any of my devices. Everything is set correctly and I cannot work out why I don’t receive motion notifications most of the time. Sometimes I get them, but most of the time I don’t. I deleted and reinstalled the app many times and reset all the devices also and still hasn’t changed. Help?!

Sorry to hear about this experience @Dansage. If reinstalling the app did not help, try checking the motion alert settings in the Ring app, including the alert toggles. Remember to check any motion scheduling settings you might have set.

Once the settings are confirmed, the next best thing to check is connection. Check out our Community post about RSSI for tips on optimal wifi connection. Try also different mobile device connections, like wifi only, or data only, and making sure any VPN is disabled. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thanks. I have tried all of that and nothing works. The notification are on and there is no schedule. When I delete and reinstall the app it works for a few minutes and then stops again. Very disappointing as its useless currently?

I have now discovered that if I clear all my android phone notifications, I start to get the ring notifications again?? Once my phone notifications build up again the ring ones stop until I clear them again?

Awesome observation @Dansage! This is not a feature of the Ring app, as you should always receive notifications as they come in. This sounds like a possible mobile device feature or even a 3rd party app that might be installed.

The problem is with Android OS version10.
In that upgrade they have reduced the maximum number of notifications per app from 50 to 24 so once you reach 24 and haven’t cleared any you won’t get any more.
Tried the app on an older phone and was receiving notifications past 24. So it’s an Android OS failure not the Ring app. Frustrating as you can’t override it.