Notifications No Longer Working On Galaxy 10+ Phone

I can no longer receive notifications from any of my Cameras/Doorbell via the Ring App (android). They seem to work on Alexa though. Notifications are on, nothing is off or paused through the app or the phone itself. I rebooted the phone twice. Motions are on and working. Thank you.

EDIT: I got two notifications out of around 10 motion detections today thus far from one of my cameras.

Hi there, @jaywohlfeld! Try checking for any Motion Snooze, Modes, or Motion Scheduling you might have setup. These features would prevent motion alerts.

As you mentioned using an android phone, please ensure there is not a VPN enabled or any android apps that conflict with the Ring app. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Thank you but I checked all of that and it still does not work. No notifications at all today thus far. It’s an issue with the android app update. Ever since that update notifications ceased. There is even another thread on this message board about that.

Just got an update to the Ring app and I can confirm notifications are working again. Thanks for the quick fix Ring Team! Jay

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