Notifications - Live View vs. Event

Currently, when I receive a motion alert via Android notification from any of the 3 Ring cameras I have installed, the opening of the notification takes you to Live View of the camera. Is there a way that the opening of the notification can be set to take you to the recorded event instead of Live View?

Hey @Audacity36. Could you try removing the Ring app, rebooting your phone and then reinstalling the Ring app? I went and tested what was happening on your device on my device, and when I got a motion notification, I made sure to wait to not answer it, and when I opened up the notification after a few minutes have passed, it took me to the recorded event and not the Live View.

You will need to ensure you are not answering the notification right away to get the recorded event. Let me know if reinstalling the app helps with this, and that it brings you to the event and not the Live View! If it continues to bring you to the Live View, could you try taking a screen recording of you answering a notification and so I can pass this onto the appropriate team?