Notifications Issue on Android - Video DoorBell 2

I have had a Video Doorbell 2 since November 2019 and it’s brilliant.

However in the last couple of weeks I have found that I do not get notifications to my Android phone for Rings or Motion.

The settings are activated in the App but I get nothing on my phone.

If I turn the notification settings in the app off and back on I then get notifications for the day but the follwoing day they stop unless I turn the notifications off and on again.

This is anew issue, I did not have this when I first set up the device.

It is recording motion and rings as I can access footage in the app or via my account on line.

I am using a Hauwei P30 Pro. I have had no updates on the phone and I have tried to find a solution without success.

Was hoping I may get some help via the community please.


Hi @Grum, have you made sure your app is up to date? This is a great place to start, but if you’ve checked and it still is, please perform these steps to see if it addresses your concern:

  • Remove the Ring app from your phone
  • Reboot your phone by turning it off and then on
  • Redownload the Ring app and allow permissions of notifications and such when you log back in

Hope this helps!

Hi Chelsea,

Thank you for the advice on my issue, I checked the version of my Ring App on my phone and it is V3.21.1.

I uninstalled, restarted my phone and re-installed then checked the motion and ring notifications were active.

I’ll see if this resolves my issue, if not will let you know.

Thank you again


Hi Chelsea,

Well, I implemented your recommended solution yesterday (18th January) and I started to receive the notifications to my phone again for both rings and motion.

Sadly, today (19th January) they have stopped again.

The notifications are turned on in the app still and I have made no other changes to it since removing and re-installing it on your recommendation.

I really don’t understand what is wrong, it isn’t WiFi/connection related because the footage the door bell captures is being stored so it clearly has a good connection.

I’m finding this issue very frustrating, as I mentioned in my initial post I had no issues at all until about 2 weeks ago, I have made no changes to my WiFi / network setup, I have not had any OS updates on my phone that could have caused the issue .

All I have done is replace the battery in the door bell (I have a spare that I precharge and swap out) and sign up with Ring for the 12 month plan.

Any further ideas please?


@Grum Thanks for getting back to me on this! Do you by any chance have an Android device? Sometimes there are apps on an Android phone that conflict with the Ring app, which may be causing our fix to not stay as a fix. Please check out our Ring Help Center Article here for more information on these apps.

Hi Chelsea.
Thank you for getting back to me. I do have an android device but I have none of the apps in the list you referred to installed on my phone.

Weirdly my alerts worked again yesterday but have stopped again today.

As I mentioned in my original post I didn’t have any issues at all until a couple of weeks ago but nothing has been changed on my phone, my wifi/broadband so its mystifying and somewhat annoying that my notifications have stopped.

Kind of defeats the object of having the doorbell really as I have no idea of any rings or motions. All I can do is turn the notifications off and back on each morning to get it working for a day before it all stops again.

@Grum, I appreciate the report back and thank you for letting me know! I apologize in advance that this seems to be so on and off for you. I will make sure to pass on this experience to the appropriate team for you, but just a couple questions for you first:

  • What kind of android phone do you have and what is the OS version?

  • Do you experience no notifications or lapses in notifications on other devices you may be logged into, such as a tablet or another phone?

  • Do you have any bluetooth devices connected to your phone (watch, headphones, etc) or a VPN?

Hope to hear back from you soon!

Hi Chelsea
Thanks for the continued help, in answer to your questions my phone is a Hauwei P30 Pro with OS v 9.1.0 and Android Pie v9.

There are no other devices that I use with my doorbell so I can’t make any comparisons there.

The issue is that all notifications stop for both rings and motion there is no intermittent notifications they simply stop and I can only re-activate them by turning the notifications off/on in the App.

I have a smart watch connected via Bluetooth to my phone (a Samsung galaxy watch) I have no connectivity issues with this and I had the watch connected to my phone way before I purchased my Ring doorbell.

I have headphones paired but rarely in use also my cars Bluetooth system for hands free calling is connected but, as with the watch this system has been paired for many months trouble free.
As this issue is relatively new I’m not sure my connected devices maybe causing it. They were all in use before I setup my doorbell and did not impact my notifications before this issue started.

Hopefully we can get to the bottom of this issue and if yiu need any more information from me please let me know.

Thanks - Grahame.

I just wanted to see if this may help. Could you try disconnecting your Samsung watch and see if it helps or fixes the issue? I’ve seen reports about the Samsung watch and Samsung devices causing issues with the Ring app. If disconnected everything works for them.

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Interesting to see that the Samsung watch has been linked to issues with the Ring App.

I’ll try disconnecting it though it has been connected to my phone for months and before I started to have this issue and my notifications worked without issue the watch was connected.

Getting a bit desperate now it’s very frustrating so will welcome all possible solutions.


I have similar problem.

Ring Doorbell 2 does not aways sound notification on phone. Can sound and not sound within a single day changing nothing in settings… Always shows written notification. Alexa sounds at home. If I restart the phone without adjusting anything the notifications sound perfectly for few days then goes wrong again. The unpredictability is a major problem. Phone is Huawei P20Pro Android 9.

Interested in your thoughts

Hi Chelsea,
It’s been sometime since you responded to my notifications problem and I thought you were referring it on to another support team but I’ve heard nothing more.
I still have the issue and I am having to turn off and then back on the notifications in my Ring app daily to turn get notifications to my phone.
I’m finding this incredibly frustrating as the door bell is not doing what it is meant to.
I have made no changes to my settings, device or network and the issue started soon after I subscribed to the plan. Before then it worked flawlessly.
I need to get this resolved please as I am the pont now where I am considering g asking Ring to take it back and reimburse me for the bell, the extra battery I purchased for it and the plan so please can you raise this with the technical support team for me.


Hi Grum,

Just wanted to jump into this thread to avidse that i have exactly the same problem as you and im using exactly the same phone! very strange…

I purchased the ring doorbell only a few days ago, so far im extremly disappointed with it as it doesnt send me any notifications at all to my phone which completely defeats the object of having it!

Ive linked it to Alexa and she notifys which is all well whilst we are all at home in lock down but when i eventually return to work i will need notifications otherwise no point having the doorbell.

I desperatly want to fix this otherwise i may do the same as you and send the thing back, was £180 aswell very expensive gadget to then not work as it needs to!

If you have any further info you could share to fix this i would greatly appreciate it.

My partner uses an iphone and interestingly has no issues at all, receives notificatiosn without a problem…

thank you

Hi Becky. Issue with notifications better but not perfect. I get about 75% of them in the house. Obviously cannot tell when away. Tried many tricks. Usually find going through to notification settings, they are on so turn off then back on again sorts it. Or restart phone. Alexa works fine. Not a good solution :slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face::slightly_frowning_face:

Hi Becky,
I’ve resolved my issue but not through any support from Ring, they seemed to have forgotten about it despite telling me they’d pass the issue to their next level support.

Someone on the Facebook ring users group suggested installing Rings “Rapid Ring” application on my phone.

Since I did that (back in late February) I haven’t had to reset the notification settings in my Ring app once.

So for me that was the solution in the end so maybe give it a try.

Cheers, Grahame

Hi Grahame ,

thanks very much for the info, ill try that rapid ring app and see if it makes a difference.

i actually called the tech support line this morning and spoke to them, i did the whole off and back on again in notifications whilst i was on the phone with the guy and then tested it and it actually worked.

Since the call this morning, its been hit and miss sometimes it notifys me and sometimes it doesnt! its very slow aswell, the notification was behind time when someone was at the door which isnt helpful.

the guy said to call again if it keeps happening but im like i cant be calling every day about it! it should just work as advertsied…

he also said there is no known issues with android devoces and ring so it shouldnt be having issues…

hopefully rapid ring will work.

Thank you!


I too have had on going issues with my Hauwaii p20 pro and intermittant notifications. I have the latest app versiom and phone software and don’t have any of the apps that might conflict (of which there appears to be many) . Every other day I have to toggle the ring notification off and on. Going to try the Rapid Ring app to see if that helps…

I spoke too soon. Rapid Ring does not stop Notification problem on Huawei P20PRO. Seems to be that I will need to make a morning ritual of turning notifications off then back on. Fingers crossed. I am not impressed and cannot rely on this Ring video 2 Doorbell camera

I am having the same issue with my Samsung note 9 plus

As am I with my Samsung ae10. Just started in January. It will vibrate, but not ring on my phone. I’ve been fussing with it but decided to take the time to figure it out. This is not encouraging!