Notifications From Doorbell Only

Regarding Doorbell 2. I have several Ring cameras and spotlights. I have audible notifications set to silent in the app except the doorbell, however I still do not receive an audible notification when the bell is pressed. I have turned on notifications in my iOS settings and as mentioned under App Alert Tones “rings”for all cameras is set to silent. EXCEPT the doorbell, The same is true under the tab “motions” I have Silent selected. So why do I get a wind chime alert when I have silent selected?

Hi @user14974. Can you please share a screenshot of what your App Alert Tones settings look like for the Doorbell 2? A basic troubleshooting step to try would be to change the App Alert Tones, reboot your phone, and then adjust them back to your preferred settings. Then try testing the Doorbell by triggering a test motion event or ringing the Doorbell.