Notifications for Peephole camera

I no longer get notifications from my Ring Peephole camera. It used to work fine but over the last few weeks notifications have stopped.
I have rebooted the modem the Mesh system and the android mobile, removed and reinstalled the app, I rebooted the doorbell but still nothing, The wifi signal is fine all the rssi is good and in the green. I do receive notifications on the Echo dot for movement. What else can i try apart from a replacement door cam.
All other apps on the phone work perfectly and the signal is good and all notifications are turned ON.

Hi @Aca. This Help Center article here should provide you with some steps to troubleshoot this concern. Let me know if this helps!

Thank you Tom.
I have alewady tried all of those but did not make any difference.

Hi @Aca. Sorry to hear that didn’t help any. I would suggest reaching out to our support team to investigate this further. Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. If you are outside of the US, please visit here to see how to contact support.

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