Notifications are so late

I have the ring doorbell. I have the chime and chime pro. The Chime is in the room where the WiFi is and the Pro is in the hallway. The Pro is always at RSSI 55. The chime which is in the same room as WiFi with nothing blocking is always at 61. The front door where the bell is gets RSSI 60… So disappointed in the Ring door bell. Another problem is I can leave my house, lock my front door, get into my car and then I get a notification a motion at my front door … can’t wait until my subscription is up then it will be goodbye Ring …

Hi @user73933. Since the Chime Pro can act as a wifi extender for Ring devices, it’s typically recommended to install it at about a halfway point between your wifi router and the Ring device you want to connect it to. You can use the Chime Pro Placement Test to find the optimal installation spot for your Chime Pro.

With all that said, an RSSI of -60 isn’t the worst. However, a lower RSSI would indicate a stronger connection. We have more information on this here. Relocating the Chime Pro based on the placement test mentioned above may yield a better connection for your Doorbell, resulting in less delay on notifications.

I do want to mention that the connection on your phone will also impact how quickly notifications are delivered. When leaving your home, your phone is likely dropping the wifi connection and swapping over to cellular data. This could result in the notification being delivered late as well. There are various factors involved. For persistent issues, I’d recommend getting in touch with our support team, as they can offer more in-depth troubleshooting.