Notifications and arming

So I just set up several sensors , bridge and doorbell plus security cams , I want to get monitoring but so confused how to set up my notifications so that it’s not going to someone having to notify police every time I get a notification, but I still like to receive notifications just for me . I have a keypad but need hep knowing if I need to use it or just use the app dashboard arming away or stay or leaving . Setup was easy but understanding notifications and arming seems to be very complicated and I need help with this… Thanks

Hi @user47341. Professional Monitoring is a feature available for the Ring Alarm Security System when you have a compatible Ring Protect plan. You have to opt-in to Professional Monitoring and set it up under Settings > Monitoring in the Ring app. For a detailed breakdown of what to expect when your alarm goes off with Professional Monitoring on, check out this Help Center article.

The Ring Alarm system can be armed on your Keypad, or via the Ring app with a compatible Ring Protect plan (for neighbors in the United States and Canada). Please also keep in mind that only Ring Alarm components, such as the Contact Sensors and Motion Detectors, can trigger the alarm. Ring Doorbells and Security Cameras will not trigger the alarm.