Notification woes Video Doorbell 4

I have a video doorbell 4 non wired. We had a pro in the past and it worked great, but we needed a non-wired doorbell when we moved. At first it worked fine but soon began to not send notifications when people came to the door. In fact the ONLY time we get notifications now is if the storm door opens or closes. Nothing else seems to trigger. I have gone through every trouble shooting step, changed Wi-Fi, moved my router and triple checked all my motion settings. Camera works fine in live view but unless someone comes to the door and then opens the storm door (ring mounted on door frame about 8 inches from storm door) we get nothing!

Hi @user25672. Is your Doorbell mounted behind the storm door, or outside next to it? Feel free to share a picture if you feel comfortable doing so, as long as any identifying or personal information is covered. Additionally, what material is the storm door made out of? Certain materials, such as metals, can cause wifi interference that can impact your Doorbell’s ability to detect and record motion properly.