Notification when Ring Goes Offline

I’ve had various wifi connectivity problems with my current Ring Video Doorbell 3 Plus. I’m about to move it to another access point to see if that works better. But I would like a notification when my ring goes offline. I didn’t realize it was offline for ALMOST 3 DAYS. Please send a push notification when connectivity is lost so I can do something about it.

Hi @jbk. We do have this Help Center article here with steps you can try for a Ring device that constantly disconnects from wifi. I also found this Feature Request Board post here that has a similar request as you. Feel free to comment and vote for the request. :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @Justin_Ring I have followed the instructions and even replaced the doorbell once. I voted on the feature as you suggested; that feature was requested 2 years ago and it doesn’t seem like anyone has taken action on this. I’m about to move the Ring to the THIRD wifi A/P (first was my first gen Eero, second is the Xfinity router, third will be my new current gen Eero) to see if that helps. I’ve only had one failure with the Xfinity router but not getting an alert about it is really problematic. It’s even worse that there’s no remote way to fix the problem - the device just disconnects and doesn’t appear to reboot (perhaps it’s hung). I can reset it easily by pulling the battery (although it’s wired) and then it reconnects. So it seems like some solution is needed here. My wifi is backed up with an automated rebooter on disconnect; it would be nice if the Ring just did that too, along with sending me a notification.