Notification when camera goes offline

Why isn’t there a notification when the camera goes offline? Surely this is an important feature that needs to be added.

Hi @Cliff7474. If a device offline, it has no way to communicate. You should receive a low battery notification prior to your device going offline. If your device is offline due to a weak connection, it would be best to improve the connection of that devices.

That’s nonsense, it’s no different than when you loose contact with an apple air tag a you get a notification that the connection has been lost. It’s all about the programming in the software. Clearly your software programming is a little behind the times.

Also the battery was fine on all occasions but I noticed after every time it lost connection and I had to do a full reconnect it always came up with software update.

What if the “security” camera is offline due to some type of attack? How are you meant to know there is an attack happening? There would be no record of it!

This has happened twice now, the low battery notification is nonsense as I go into the ring app and the ring is camera is offline but the battery is still showing at the percentage it was before it goes offline, both times it needed a software update, this needs to be sorted as it makes the camera not fit for purpose.

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