Notification tones for stick up cam changed

Hi there, has anyone else noticed that the option for the alert tone for the stick up cam that was “Motion in your front yard” has been removed and it is only “motion at your stick up cam”?
It used to speak it as the actual tone alert.
Can I get it back at all?

Glad you asked, @Cookie111! The Ring App Alert Tones should allow for device type and a default name style tone selections. Please keep in mind, your Ring device must use one of the default names (i.e. Front, Back, Front Door, Back Door etc.) alert tones, which are the preset ones that appear when first setting up the device. Changing the device name can be done under the Device Settings > General Settings on each device page in the Ring app. Remember to capitalize the first letter of each, just like the example above, for this to show up in your alert tones options as intended. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: