Notification sounds thru iPhones and Chime Pros

Ok this is probably simple.
Why can’t I get the same sounds on our iPhones as we get through the Chime Pros?
This is the last unit of our total install. Besides tweaking the motion zone which ill gradually tweak in probably, all went pretty well except that.
When I set the sounds for Ring and then Motion on the iPhones and then set the sounds for the two Chime Pros, I get a different set of sounds.
To clarify, I cannot get the same sounds on everything. The phones are alike but the chimes are different. A little chaotic. Lol.
Now there MAY be some identical available. But the ones the wife wanted aren’t available on the phones.
I’m guessing with all this stuff new and going in possibly an upcoming update may fix ?

This has been an experience. Wound up with five Spotlight cams and one floodlight cam outside. Three Stickup cams inside.

After evaluating I decided there was one more area. That is the kitchen door that comes in from the garage. It gets a lot of traffic. Actually more than our front door. And it’s always been kinda spooky answering that door because there’s not good sight at that door.
Everything else entry wise is covered.

The biggest pain has been getting good WiFi to a couple of cameras. But using the Plume pod mesh system just played with location and also direction of a couple of pods.

And I was curious about the chime pros as they are also extenders. They did not improve The areas that could really use it. The plumes had better output although the Chimes were closer. But I’m not sure if they’re compatible with that mesh system ?

Hi @Arkar. Is there a specific chime tone you are looking for? I would suggest reading this Help Center article here for troubleshooting iPhone notifications. Additionally, you can change the selection under the Device Settings menu > Notifications > App Alert Tones. It’s also important to note that both devices only have some tones in common. For example, you make be able to select one tone for you iPhone, but not have to that tone available for your Chime.

The Chime Pro does act as a wifi extender. It may take some trial and error getting the placement of the Chime Pro to work best for you. For best results, make sure that your internet router is out in the open and not tucked away behind a dresser or something, as this will impede the signal. Let me know if this works!

Hello Tom and thanks for the reply. Ok I gotta give myself the Dummy Award again. I didn’t even think about the available sounds coming from two different devices!
I’ll check the article as well.
As always thank you.

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@Arkar @Tom_Ring It would be good if the app tones and chime tones were all available on both devices. I use Ring Alert 2 on my chimes but its not available on the app. Its a small issue but it would be good to be able to match them up.


Hey @bemak187. Thank you for the feedback! I can certainly share this with the appropriate team!