Notification sound settings don't follow what's specified in the app

Hi Neighbors,

I just set up an additional video doorbell on my account. On the individual device settings I have specified what I want the notification sound to be. However, it doesn’t seem to work that way. When I get a notification on my iPhone, it sounds like windchimes in addition to the specified sound.
Is this an iPhone issue and not a Ring app issue? I’ve looked, but can’t find anything in the iPhone settings specific to the Ring app. I’m a noob on the iPhone, having started using it as opposed to my previous Android device. Thanks for any help!

Hi @Blades. Can you specify which notification alert you’re referring to, and what alert tone you’ve selected? Is this the alert for when motion is detected, or when someone rings the Doorbell? Feel free to share a screenshot of how the alert settings are configured if that’s easier as well.

Hi @Caitlyn_Ring
I think I figured it out. Under the ‘Notification Settings’, there’s 2 categories: Ring and Motion, which I had not noticed before. The Notification Settings initially opens to Ring, which I had set. When I selected Motion, that one was set to Windchimes. Mystery solved, thanks again Caitlyn!

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