Notification sound/ cant hear the ring chime options

Hi, ive just installed the ring 3plus.
Ive setup the account, an once done shared user with my partner.
When doorbell is pressed, i get a vibration - no sound alert. My partner gets a sound alert on hers though.

While checking settings/volume etc- i attempted to change the alert noise, butni cant hear them either. But again, on my partners app, she can go through all of the alert tones, hear each one etc.

Im running iphone 11pro - latest software, shes got iphone 8.

Any advice?

Hey @Danb87! Receiving the alerts is half the battle. At least we know your device is online and communicating with your Ring app. Thanks for confirming that!

The best next step will be to remove and reinstall the Ring app on your mobile device. This will ensure the app is up to date, optimally integrated, and audio/ alerts permissions are accepted. Great call on choosing a Ring app alert tone from your app settings. Selecting a tone should allow for that to play, in addition to checking any volume settings within the app. I recommend also checking your mobile device for do not disturb, silent mode, or device specific volume settings. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: