Notification only on Leave mode


I have my cameras save every movement in every Alarm Mode, also in inactive.

But i want to have notifications only if i put the Mode on Leave Mode (or absense…).

How can i Set this Up?

Thank you!

settings,. modes and auto, modes, away, cameras, toggle on motion detection

Hi, ok nice thanks!

Will the camera still be recording in case it recognizes movements? Because I thought they will stop recording if I uncheck this?

Would be great to still have the record function on.

Thank you!

Hi @user74439. To clarify, notifications and alerts cannot be controlled through the Modes Settings. You can control whether or not a Ring camera detects and records motion in the Modes settings, but the alerts are controlled separately. You can either manually turn the Motion Alerts on and off in the Ring app, or use a Motion Schedule to set times that you don’t want to receive alerts. We also have the Motion Snooze feature, which allows you to snooze alerts for a set duration of time. I hope this helps clear things up.

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