Notification not going to device any more

I have a wired stick up cam. I used to receive notifications on my devices, but one device only receives notification intermittently and the other not at all.

I have added a WiFi extender in case the issue was poor signal but it not helping.

Note: the camera is detecting motion and recording it, but it is not giving me notifications on one device and only intermittent notification on the other.

I DO have motion and notification enabled in both ring app and phone app, so this is not the problem.

Hi @user52093. What type of phone are you having notifications issues with, and what OS version is installed? Are you on WiFi or cellular data when this is happening? What is the RSSI for your Ring device? This is located in the device health menu. This will give us insight on how to best approach this concern.

In the end, I had to remove the ring app from both phones and then reinstall apps and log both devices in as primary user and change notification sounds. It is not 100% but it is slightly more reliable


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