Notification no picture

Hi , I’m using a OnePlus 8t phone and when I get a ring notification and I look in the notification bar I don’t see a thumbnail of the image captured , I’ve tried a long press etc but that doesn’t work , I now have to click the notification and open the app whereas before I expanded and I could see who it was and swipe away if needed .

They are having issues with the rich notification feature. It is at the top of their Community page in red.


Sorry , didn’t see it , thank you

Hi neighbors, you should be receiving your Rich Notifications again. Thank you for your patience while our team worked to resolve this. Please follow the instructions below to make sure everything is turned on correctly in your app for you to receive Rich Notifications and you should be good to go!

  • Open the main menu in your Ring mobile app in the top left corner.
  • Select Devices and choose which Doorbell or Cam you would like to update this feature on.
  • In your device settings select Rich Notifications and toggle the feature On or Off.

Thank you again for your patience!