Notification hit and miss, mostly miss!

Ring doorbell, unsure which version but it has a built in battery (how silly is that?).
For some reason, maybe someone can explain, when I reverse my car out of the garage in full view of the camera, then passed the camera and onto the road, it is never picked up and videoed .
When I return the camera only videos the rear of the car as it enters the garage. Bearing in mind the car has sat there, in full view, for about half a minute, while the garage door opens.
Why doesn’t it detect, video and leaving?
Also, this is why I will probably be ditching this device, I receive a notification, on my phone, that I left the house, up to 30 minutes and more afterwards? Therefore it has detected the car leaving but not recorded it!

Tweak your Motion Settings’ Frequency and Sensitivity (if you have those options).
What is likely happening is it takes time for the doorbell to wake up. When you back out of your driveway and drive off, you are likely not in view to your doorbell long enough for it to record you.
Conversely when you come home, you are almost into your garage when it wakes up.
You also need to tweak your notification/wake up settings on your phone.