Notification for deadbolt gone

In the past, I was able to select a unique notification sound for whenever my deadbolt lock was locked or unlocked. So I could know from hearing the audible alert if my lock status changed. However, I no longer see that option, I can only turn deadbolt notifications on or off (with the generic Ring Notification sound). Did they move the deadbolt notification option or eliminate it?

In the app system settings I can set unique notifications for: Ring Notification, Motion Notification, Ring Alarm, Ring Alarm - Alarming and Neighbors. I assume the option to set a custom notification sound for the deadbolt was located here but I don’t remember.

I am pretty sure the option to pick custom notification sounds is only on Android so iPhone users might not know what I’m talking about. And I don’t know exactly when the option went away, I think it was fairly recently.

If the option is gone, I hope they bring it back because I relied on it to know when someone was coming or going without looking at my phone. But now the only way to know is by looking at my notifications every single time I get one. Big step backwards in my opinoin.

Hi @uscpsycho. Thank you for bringing up your concern! What kind of lock do you have? In the Ring app, we do not have a way to set a custom notification for the deadbolt locks when you’re locking/unlocking via the ring App. We do have the ability to receive a notification when it is locked/unlocked as you’ve seen, but this had not been a customizable option. I made sure to check with the appropriate teams if this was or is going to be an option, and they confirmed that we did not have this previously, and do not have an ETA of implementing this in the future.

Is it possible that you had something via Alexa for a custom notification? Alexa will allow this kind of thing, and if this is a Z-Wave lock hooked to your Ring Alarm, you could have had this synced with Alexa, which will sync the Z-Wave lock to your Alexa account too. Also, depending on the lock itself that you have, some have the option where they can make audible noises too depending on their model. I would recommend that you reference the device manual if this is the case, as the manual will go over how to turn those on and off on the lock itself. Hope this helps clear it up for you! :slight_smile:

I am 100% sure this was possible before, not through the app but through the Android app settings, which is different than within the app.

Unfortunately, Alexa does not allow this sort of thing, I mean, you can specify a song or sound to play when the door is opened/closed but you cannot play a local sound file on your phone, which is what I want to do and what I was doing before.

In my post, I listed several custom notification sounds that you can set, those are also not set from within the app. My guess is that whoever told you custom lock/unlock sounds probably isn’t aware that you can set custom sounds for any of the other items.

Anyway, being able to set custom sounds with each type of notification is SUPER useful with Ring because I immediately know what is happening in my system (door has been unlocked, alarm is going off, motion detected, etc.) without having to look at my phone. Now the deadbolt alert sounds like all the other alerts on my phone (which I frequently ignore) so I have no idea if the deadbolt status has changed.

Please bring this option back!!!

Here is a screenshot of the current custom notification options. At some point there was a lock option here.