Notification delay and no live view

Let me start with the fact that I have my camera on a dedicated WiFi Network, on a gigabit internet connection. All other WiFi traffic is on a secondary router, which is wired to the modem. I have an RSSI value hovering in the green, around 30. Also, my phone has a stable 4-5 bar 4G LTE connection. And yes, I have re-installed and re-booted the cam, the app, the phone etc and have tried the other WiFi network. And yes, I keep having the blow problems with different cameras and on different phones.

Problem 1:

4 out of 5 times when I get a notification that someone is at my door and I click to view, the app is trying to connect, shows me the rotating circle and after 30 seconds or so, just tells me that the live view ended. The camera records what happened, I can watch it later, but the live view of a current event almost never works. It doesn’t matter where I am. It also happens when my phone is connected to a fast WiFi or when I have 5 bars of 4G. This makes the whole idea of the product useless. All I have left is a fancy videorecorder and not a security device.

Problem 2:

With increasing frequency now, the notifications come minutes after the event. Sometimes I leave the house, get in the car and drive several blocks into the city before I get the notification. Or I come home from shopping and put all the groceries away and start cooking before the notification arrives. I know there can be delays of up to a few seconds, but 5+ minutes is unacceptable.

Again, it is very unlikely that either the connection of my cameras of of my phone is to blame. Even if the connections were slow, it couldn’t explain delays of 5-10 minutes. It also couldn’t explain that the same happens on different phones and from different cameras.

I do notice, however, that it gets worse over time. I am thinking that Ring is just not keeping up with the demand on their side. Their infrastructure is probably not able to handle the number of devices they sell. This is very frustrating for a paying customer. I know, you’re cheaper than others, but if the very thing you advertise doesn’t work, what do I pay for to begin with? If I don’t even get notified before any burglar has already left my house and the country, you can’t calling it a security system and charge a fee for it.


Same thing happens to me! I’ve virtually given up looking at notifications of live view…

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Same here. Have to say that I am pretty disappointed with Ring responsiveness compared to my Arlo cameras. Not even close.

This is getting worse and worse. The other day I left for a walk and the notification of me leaving the house through the front door came 23 minutes (!!!) later. This is just plain useless.

I did something else to test this: My Ring system is connected to my Amazon Echo. I created a routine where Alexa will say “Someone’s at your door” when there is activity. The thing is, Alexa always reports activity right away and she did when I left the house for my walk the other day.

This proves that the connection of the camera to the internet is just fine. It is Ring’s infrastructure regarding the mobile app, that is awfully insufficient. And this is their main selling point and the theme of all their advertisement: to get alerted and being able to immediately see and talk to whoever comes up to your door. This is the promise for which I pay their service fee and I get nothing for it. Nada. In 23 minutes someone can break in, clean out everything valuable and burn the whole house down and I wouldn’t know a thing about it. Very very disappointing.

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Sorry to hear about this experience, neighbors. Video connection concerns or notification delays are often related to signal strength or network connection. Check out our Community post about RSSI to ensure your connection is optimal.

If your signal strength is optimal, wifi speeds are high, and there are no major interferences between the router and Cam, try removing and reinstalling the Ring app on your mobile device. Testing connections on wifi only, and cell data only, is a great way to see if one connection is better than another. Feel free to keep us updated on your results!

Well, Marley_Ring Community Manager, you obviously didn’t read the posts and just answered with a canned message based on keywords in the title. That matches my experience with Ring so far.

As I clearly showed in my last post, the connection of my camera to the network is not the problem. Amazon Alexa reports activity immediately, the app takes up to 20 minutes. If it were the camera’s connection, how would Alexa know right away? Also, the camera is on a gigabit internet connection, the only device on a dedicated wifi network and the connection strength is high.

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While an Alexa enabled device might connect quicker, please keep in mind that an Alexa device is likely located inside the home and is not streaming video. I recommend trying the steps mentioned in the previous post to obtain an optimal experience, or reaching out to our support team for more in-depth troubleshooting.

That is not an answer and has nothing to do with the notification issue.

If I come home from work then my phone is also located inside the home and just for the simple notification that someone is at my door it also doesn’t stream video, does it? Yet, somehow my phone sometime doesn’t alert me until I’m half done with dinner.

I tried the Ring recommended steps several times and it didn’t change anything about my camera’s great connection.

Ring wants us to pay for the service but the performance of the app is severely lacking and Ring support doesn’t seem to be able to understand, let alone fix the problems but acts like its paying customers are all dolts. This is just ridicculous and condescending.

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I’m experiencing the same issues of th e1st post of mk12952

I have to add that on my wife smartphone the App works properly and on mine I can’t get one single ring notification before 5 minutes from event…

As it is, the system is useless…please, investigate about this issue also because, as already written before, we are paying for this (non) service.

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Hi @PaoloT! If these features are working as intended on one mobile device but not the other, this is a great indication that your Ring device is communicating these events properly. Now that the concern is isolated to a mobile device, I recommend checking on the following:

  • Ensure VPN and Bluetooth is disabled
  • Remove and reinstall the app on your mobile device
  • If Android, please ensure there are no apps installed that might conflict with the Ring app.
  • Test operation with your mobile device connected via wifi only, and again on cell data only, to see if one connection is more efficient.

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

I experience the same problems; seems there are a lot of us there. I believe you are right, we are getting VERY POOR service from ring!!!

Are you seriously suggesting that we need to have Bluetooth disabled on our phones for the Ring App to work properly? Is there anyone out there who doesn’t use Bluetooth? If Bluetooth interferes with your app then you better fix the app to deal with it and don’t ask your customers to disable Bluetooth.

Other than that, I removed and reinstalled the app before (I’m sure everyone here has) and I have the issue on all phones I tried, not just one. Again, you provide a service for which we pay, you can’t ask us to impair the function our phones just to make them work with Ring. Other app developers can build apps that work with typical phone setups, why can’t Ring?

I am getting really impatient here. The issue gets worse, I have delays of up to 20 minutes every day now. Also answering to a notification, starting a live view or even just trying to watch previous recordings takes forever or doesn’t work at all, even if I am connected to my home WiFi, which is a 5GHz network on a Gigabit line. It is not the connection of my phone to the internet, every other app loads data lightning fast, every website appears instantly.

Sorry to hear this concern is persisting neighbors! The steps I shared prior in this thread are intended to assist in eliminating factors that might be causing a notification delay or video connection concern. It is always worth checking different connection protocols, apps, and features on your mobile device in order to optimize its connection, processing, and performance.

If those steps did not help to resolve or improve the experience, another step worth trying is downloading the Rapid Ring app to see if operation is quicker with this. If this concern is persisting after trying the above steps, and the Rapid Ring app did not help, Please give our support team a call at one of the numbers available here. We’re taking additional steps to protect our team and help reduce the spread of COVID-19, so this has resulted in longer than normal wait times. If you are outside of the US, please read our response to COVID-19 here to see how to contact support.

Feel free to let us know how this goes, or any solutions you find with support.

I’m experiencing the same issue. Cannot see live video at all and you’ll see spinning circle. You will see your dashboard either totally black or image from the last week the last time you pressed the live button.

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Same here. The photo sent to Telegram from a Picam always arrives instantly, but the push message of Ring doesn’t. Sometimes instantly, sometimes few minutes, sometimes even 20 minutes later. Quite useless to receive the doorbell notification later, a courier doesn’t wait very long…

Same problem. Done everything suggested but still unacceptable delay.

I think ring is doing this on purpose to promote paid subscriptions by discouraging live view. Can be the only logical explanation.

So dissapointed. Seriously. Why does live view have to go into the cloud? I have a dashcam that I can view live from my phone over my wifi. This €31 chinese dashcam is more useful than ring pro.

I have the same delay problem and my cameras are wired via ethernet to the router.

Please stop with the scripted answers, tired of being told it’s my equipment causing the issues…too many subscribers are facing identical issues! this indicates it a problem with Ring’s servers and or Apps and PC software! not our equipment… all these issues started after a firmware and software upgrade your company pushed out. It looks like you chose to use us as the beta testers…this seems to be the new way companies treat their paying customers. I was considering adding to my system, but I am thinking to go in another direction.