nothing will work now

I have a doorbell and added a camera. Everything worked while on the trial period for the added camera, as soon as I added the camera on to the account the doorbell stopped working. For two days it would click as you set off the motion detector but would not connet to the phone for video. Now nothing works, not the doorbell or the camera. Then now I get a notice that says “couldn’t load your locations” when I try to sign onto Ring. Restarted router numerous times…all other devices working fine in whole house.

Hi @cthekipster. Have you checked to make sure that location services on your phone is turned on and permissions are enabled? This could cause issues with your Ring app if not enabled. Also, if you are using a VPN, try disabling it see if that offers and improvement. Does this happen on multiple devices (phone, tablet, etc.)? Try looking those things over and see if that changes anythings. :smiley: