Nothing happens when I press the button inside the Ring Door Bell

I have set up my wife’s iPhone but when I press the button on the inside of the Ring Door Bell to set yo my Pixel 3a phone, NOTHING happened that is the circle on the front of the Ring Doorbelldid not spin so I am unable to continue setting up my Pixel 3a phone.

Any help/suggestions/advice/… that you can offer would be appreciated.

Thank you

Hey @ boblink, to confirm, did you set up the Doorbell on your wife’s phone? If so, you do not need to setup the Doorbell again. She can share the doorbell with you for you to have access to the doorbell in your Ring app.

If you have not gotten the doorbell setup it would be helpful to know what button are you referring to? If you are referencing your setup button, please make sure that the Doorbell has power to it, otherwise when you press that button, the light will not spin and enter “setup mode.” Also, could you send a picture of what button you’re talking about for us to better assist? Thank you!

Hello, I contacted a few weeks ago because I was not receiving a notification on my Pixel 3a smartphone and was unable to follow up until now.

It appears that the Ring doorbell app is connected since I see “Someone is at your front door” on the Pixel 3a when the doorbell rings (see attachment) but I do not hear anything on my phone.

My wife’s iPhone 7 rings when the doorbell is rung but my Pixel 3a does not make a sound, it only displays the “Someone is at your front door” message that I do not see unless I have my phone opened.

I would appreciate your help in advising me on how to turn the sound on my Pixel 3a when the Ring doorbell rings.

Thank you