Nothing changed, but now it won't detect people at the door!

My ring doorbell for used to detect people at the door, but now it only detects “motion”. Even when I stand on the doorstep and do jumping jacks, it won’t detect a “person at the door”.

It used to detect a “person at the door” every single time the mail carrier came, or a package was dropped off. It worked perfectly, and nothing has changed since it worked perfectly.

The angle was good. The wifi was good. The placement was good. The motion settings and zones were good. I have gone through all the trouble shooting steps, and nothing fixes it. It is not a matter of location, as the current location worked perfectly for months.

Do I need a refund?

Hi @user63999. It sounds like you’re using the Smart Alerts feature, which is what marks a specific motion as a Person or as a Motion. I’d suggest checking these settings to ensure they are still toggled on to your liking. Please keep in mind that the Ring Protect plan is required to utilize this feature.

Same. I’m very disappointed in the entire Ring system. I would not recommend it to anyone. So many issues with connectivity, lack of notifications, smart notifications not working. I’m an IT guy and I’m ready to throw up my hands. I’m tired of resetting and rebooting my devices to fix quality issues.