Nothing but problems.

I have purchased two indoor cams that seemed to have worked fine. The “live view” was smooth with clear audio while connected to my Wi-Fi. Once I’m on cellular data, the audio is still clear but the video is loaded with pixels and freezes up. Checking the recordings on Wi-Fi or cellular data are just fine. Same issues with the second indoor cam and with a shared user on their phone. Also, live view events do not show up in my timeline.

What is the problem?

My Wi-Fi speeds are 300/300Mbps with RSSI -38 (low to no interference). My cellular data is 30/30Mbps which is well over the recommended 2Mbps.

Hey @VinnyB! With the recordings being fine, and the home wifi signal strength looking sufficient, this may be related to cellular data coverage. I recommend uninstalling and reinstalling the app to optimize integration with your mobile device, as well as check for any updates.

When trying to stream on cellular data, please ensure bluetooth, VPNs, and/or hot spots are disabled and other apps in the background are closed. Depending on mobile device, many have cellular data settings which usually contain a network reset option. This can sometimes help to optimize cellular data connection. Something else worth checking is the data plan itself, as some plans and providers do not support streaming on data. I hope this helps! :slight_smile:

Resetting the app has not fixed the problem. Also, making the Ring app the sole usage of bandwidth has not worked either. I have tested my other brand home cameras and stream without a problem.

Tech support has attempted to resolve my issue and informed me that my live view appears to be clear. What they do not seem to realize is that the live view event is a recording and will appear fine.