Note about Multi Cam Live view in Browser

Some notes about recently released multi cam live view (browser only).

  1. maximum of 4 cams
  2. when live view is active, the motion detect settings are ignored/disregarded. So beware. If you want to have a spot monitor to display perimeter cams (so you don’t have to wait three days after the delayed notification tone to load the cam view), you give up having a recording to review later.
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About time they done this
Need more than 4 cameras on live view. i have 6 cameras
More camera layouts eg vertical layout
Remove the timeout reconnect on live view cameras
Display time & date stamps on live video

Hey neighbors, thanks for sharing your feedback on Multi-Cam Live View! You won’t receive motion alerts when the Live View is active, as the Live View is already being recorded and generating an event in the Event History. :slight_smile: