NOT synchronizing 4-digit PIN to Kwikset 910 lock?

Hi, i have a Kwikset 910 lock with Z-wave. It paired with Ring with no issues and is fully integrated.

The problem is that Ring is forcing our users 4-digit primary pin into the Lock. While we used to a 6-digit pin on the lock itself. If we set the 6-digit pin on the lock, it works very briefly but then Ring’s 4-digit pin takes over.

The problem is that this lock has just 5 keys each covering two digits, so 555*5 is just 625 possible combinations which is not feeling sufficiently secure.
The 3 attempts lock gives you until it beeps are 0.5% to guess. And then after a minute you have more attempts.

Is there any way to fix this, while still having the lock integrated with the alarm system?

HI @user46936. Since the Ring Alarm system uses a 4-digit PIN code, this would carry over to any smart locks that you integrate. Other neighbors have asked for a longer PIN code on our Feature Request board, which you can find here. I’d recommend adding your vote and feedback to that request, as our team uses the Feature Request board to share ideas with our teams here.