Not sure how to use removable battery

I purchase the Doorbell 2nd generation vvia amazon and also received a Ring Rechargeable Battery - Quick Release Battery Pack.
I was looking but I have no idea how to swap the battery in the doorbell, does it even have a battery that can be swapped ?
Dhe battery pack packaging says it works with the Doorbell 2nd generation.

Hi there, @bumbzor! As we are constantly making improvements and adding to our devices and features, we now offer numerous Doorbell models. I believe you may have a model with a built in battery pack, rather than a Quick Release Battery. The older generation of Video Doorbell 2 did feature a Quick Release Battery, whereas the latest Doorbell 2nd Gen (2020 release) has a built in battery. The built in battery is not intended to be removed, and a Quick Release Battery pack will not work for these Doorbell models. I hope this helps! :slight_smile: