Not registering any 'person detection' on Ring Video Doorbell 3

I just installed the Ring Video Doorbell 3, the previous doorbell button is a bit low, only around 3 or 3.5 feet off the ground, and it is shows nothing when I filter by ‘person detected’. It only show me ‘Motion’. Is this because of the height or is there another issue that can be solved?

Any help is appreciated,

  • Aaron

Hi there, @KaYitz! The recommended mounting height for Video Doorbells is around 48 inches off the ground. If you have a raised entry way or stairs leading up to it, mounting the Doorbell a little lower on the wall is ok as it will catch visitors as they approach. Otherwise, if it is too low, it is possible motion detection will not be as optimal as intended.

Adjusting settings to see what fits your environment will help you test the motion detection and fine tune it to your home. As each home is different, the best method for finding which motion features work for you is through trial and error.

If you find that the Video Doorbell will not work with the mounting scenario there, feel free to check out our Security Cameras at instead. :slight_smile: